inspiration aplenty

In the midst of the summer’s-almost-over back-to-school craziness, Bug and I stopped by a local textile museum that I’ve always wanted to visit, but never have.  The museum covers the whole spectrum of textile arts, ranging from tatting to quilting.

Although fairly small, an amazing number of items are on display.  Some of our favorites were the unfinished quilt tops:


There was also a large collection of different textile-related items like yo-yos, vintage buttons, and doll patterns:

IMG_0327IMG_0330  IMG_0336

A “working” museum, volunteers/members offer demonstrations and classes in any textile art one might wish to learn more about.  In the loom room, Bug was able to try her hand at weaving with a small, tabletop loom.

IMG_0316IMG_0320 IMG_0310This was a worthwhile outing that had both of us dizzy with new project ideas.  Now to find the time . . .

At least I finished a scarf recently; more on that tomorrow.


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