One Small Change—July update & August change


In July we committed to stopping use of paper towels.  I am proud to report that all of the paper towel holders in our home now look like the one pictured above. 

Surprisingly, this change has not been all that difficult.  We use old rag towels and worn out dishcloths for spills, cleaning, and other messes. 

IMG_0811 I’ve started sewing small fabric loops (from bias tape) to the “rag” cloths so we don’t get them mixed up with our “good” towels and dishcloths. 

I plan on buying some towels from the thrift store to be used specifically for washing Spud’s face.  I have noticed a bit more laundry from this change, but I think this can be improved upon with a little more care in how often we get out new rag towels.

Our change for August is to can some foods for the first time and look into some eco-friendly options for back-to-school lunch containers.


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