old school?

For several months now I’ve been trying to bake bread the old school way—kneading it by hand.  The results have been pitiful. 

Exhibit A:


At first I thought it was the yeast, or the humidity, or the recipe.

Most recipes out there assume their reader’s are new school: 

kitchenaid(image courtesy amazon.com)

Unfortunately, Mama’s budget is in detention.  So, I persevered, trying to hand-knead recipes written for powerful mixers until I had to admit: my arms just cain’t take it.

Enter the fairy godmother (aunt, really) who was looking to unload her not-used-anymore Bosch mixer.

IMG_0717I remember Bosch mixers as being the KitchenAid of the 80’s.  My mom and aunt both had one.  Our family ate homemade bread and other goodies created by the wonders of the Bosch.  Phrases like: “Oh, I just used my Bosch” were commonplace around our house.

I took my Bosch on her maiden voyage the other morning, using a bread recipe from Tonya’s spring newsletter.  And the fabled Bosch worked its wonders.

IMG_0712 It actually looks like a loaf of bread.

I may not have been able to handle old school, and I haven’t attained new school status yet, but middle school sure is looking good!


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