beating the heat


IMG_0076Sunhat & mittens (?).  Check.  (the mittens were off 5 minutes later, by the way—I say, why fight it?)

IMG_0094 Homemade frozen treats in hand and more in the freezer?  Check.

IMG_9751 Sprinkler and water tub on the lawn?  Check.

IMG_0099 Popcorn for dinner? (I’m going to try some of the meal ideas here as the heat continues.)  Check.

Thermometer hidden?  Check.  (We didn’t know it was 97 degrees here yesterday until it was all over, because one thermometer isn’t accurate and no one bothered to look at the other one.  I knew it was hot, but not that hot!)

If it’s hot where you are, stay cool!  If it’s not, feel blessed!


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