Garden Update: The Veggies

Our garden this year is comprised of 4 raised beds at our house and what we’ll call “The Annex”–a 50’ x 50’ plot at my in-laws’ house.

The Humans had a slight lead at the outset, but the critters are coming on strong.

IMG_9690 Spinach, kale, and swiss chard have all been productive and are almost finished.

IMG_9694Netting has proven to be the absolute best slug deterrent I’ve ever used; I might buy this stuff by the bolt next year.  We’ve had more lettuce survive to maturity than ever before.

In return, the slugs have felt compelled to call in some reinforcements from the wildlife brotherhood in the form of deer and chipmunks . . .

IMG_9723 IMG_9726 Above: the remains of two different tomato plants at The Annex after the deer made their first raid.  (They look even worse now).

IMG_9695 On the bright side, we have seven tomato plants in the raised beds that are the best we’ve ever grown (and no critters seem to have discovered them yet—knock on wood!)  I’ve followed several tips I found in this Mother Earth News article, like covering my tomato bed with black plastic for a month before planting.

IMG_9703After three plantings, the summer squash and cucumbers are finally making an appearance.  I’ve never had any trouble growing those, but apparently the chipmunks thought the seeds were their own personal trail mix.

IMG_9718 We have seven 50-foot or so rows of corn coming up,

IMG_9728and the potatoes are coming along as well.

With a stretch of high heat days expected this week, we’ll see how things do.  This is the time of year when I often lose gardening momentum.  Ginny wrote about just that the other day—I’m trying to adopt her “playing pretend” philosophy this summer.  If you’re needing a little garden inspiration, give her inspiring post a read.

Happy gardening!


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