One Small Change—June Update & July Challenge

The last couple of months of One Small Change have been all about reducing energy usage and making homemade bath and household cleaners.

During June we accomplished the following:

  • Reclaimed some discarded bricks from the side of the road to put in our toilet tanks to reduce water usage.
  • Held steady on our electricity and water bills (the previous month we saw a drop)
  • Made shaving cream from scratch
  • Started using castille soap for our dishes

The odds are still out on whether or not we’ll continue making shaving cream from scratch.  Cowboy liked the batch I made for him, but it made a rather small amount and I didn’t like cleaning up the residue it left on my kitchen utensils.  We’ll probably give it at least one more try; and, he’s also trying out some homemade shaving soap from Seattle Sundries.

I’m still also undecided on the castille soap for the dishes.  I’m going to give it another try during July without trying to stretch it out with water as I did in June.

Our July small change will be to give up paper towels.  We inadvertently started this during June when we ran out of paper towels and didn’t buy more.  I haven’t really heard any complaints, so during July I’ll try to streamline our non-paper-towel process a little.

If you’re interested in One Small Change, please visit the project blog to sign up and find out more!  It’s never too late to start making a difference!


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