Garden Update: The Flowers

After two weeks of sunshine with only a few days of rain, I thought it would be fun to take a walk through the garden. 
Every year I dream of a large cutting garden, profuse with flowers.  Each year my hopes are dashed, but I get a step closer.
The Consistent Performers:
Fuchsias, snapdragons, and nasturtiums always do well for me.
IMG_9681We managed to get our fuchsia starts in at the right time and for the right price this year ($1/start) and they’re doing well.
The snapdragons this year are a combination of overwintered, self-seeded and store-bought.  The ones that overwintered (with no assistance from me) look hideous; they’re producing flowers, but the foliage is discolored.  The self-seeded ones look healthy but are lagging way behind the store-bought ones.
IMG_9701  Nasturtiums are always easy, particularly in our climate.  Surprisingly, most of the seeds I planted this year didn’t come up—probably due to the two months of drenching downpours or something.  Most of our nasturtiums that are in bloom (like the one above) planted themselves for me.
The Up and Comers
Peonies, lilies, hollyhocks, and clematis
IMG_9676 For the second year in a row my one and only peony starts off strong, grows wonderful foliage, and fails to bloom.  I’m giving it one more year and then I might have to come up with a different plan.
IMG_9674 These lilies will be making their first appearance this year; can’t wait to see what they have for us.
IMG_9677 Hollyhock will (hopefully) also bloom for the first time this year.  But I’m thinking it will need to make up some ground.
IMG_9683Our clematis didn’t bloom last year, but it’s having its best growing season ever, this year.
The ?’s and Duds
Dahlias, delphinium, verbena, marigolds, and zinnias
IMG_9678 This is my first dahlia; I just planted five more starts today.
IMG_9675 The delphinium I scored for $4 from the discard plant pile at a nursery is one of my pride and joys; it’s been a consistent bloomer each year, but our spring hailstorm did it in for this year.
IMG_9684 This is what all of my verbena should look like.
IMG_9715 This is what most of my verbena look like.  Apparently Spud and the slugs have joined forces once again.  The slugs prefer their usual death under cover of darkness method,
IMG_9689but Spud tends to use the dead-heading (or perhaps I should save live-heading) technique.  Maybe he knows something I don’t, and it will translate to more blooms.  I’m not holding my breath.
IMG_9679And this pitiful specimen is my one remaining marigold; the slugs got the rest and all of my zinnias (my favorite).
How are things growing in your garden? 


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