when boys go into the wilds alone . . .

and you send a camera with them, hoping for some touching father-son moments or other blog-worthy material,
instead they do strange things,
IMG_9638and take pictures of them.
They build campfires (and put them out).IMG_9640
And come home with two fish and say it was “fun”.
Then they present you with tokens of their undying love and affection:
and you just have to laugh, (and cry a little, too) because
they are boys,
and they went out into the wilds
for twenty-four hours
by themselves
ran out of fish bait,
called you when they came into town to buy more,
heard the frustration in your voice
and a screaming toddler in the background,
came home two hours early with a “plan”
for restoring some sanity to the rest of your day,    
and they brought you four pictures on the camera.


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