ambitious? insane? maybe a little of both

It’s not too early to say “back to school” is it?  It is, but in the spirit of planning ahead I have to say it.  Because planning ahead gives me sanity.  When I reach into my freezer on a particularly hectic day and pull out a meal I prepared weeks before, it’s a good moment.  Right now I’m remembering that I already have pizza dough in the freezer for Friday night’s dinner and I’m positively giddy.


I’d like to experience that same giddiness as it relates to sewing and knitting.  Right now I’m still not even halfway done with a present I started knitting for my sis-in-law’s birthday last month—I started it two months ago.  Poor execution of a virtually nonexistent plan.  Ridiculous.

Life does throw you curveball; for example school does that sometimes.  Like when they change the dress code to shirts with collars only—so that virtually no shirt in your children’s closets are acceptable school attire.  I fully support my children’s school in their decision; I understand and agree with their reasoning behind it.  But it’s a curveball. 

And then I make things more complicated for myself by insisting that I sew the shirts myself.  Because I want to, to save money, so they won’t be made by sweatshop workers in a foreign country, because I try to do it all.  And I decide that they should be made of knitted material because, of course, I haven’t sewn knitted fabric anytime in recent memory.

Enter the monthly Fabric Depot 35% off all fabric sale combined with their Summer Outdoor Sale (where most fabric is only $4 a yard) and you get this:

 IMG_9449 The elephant in the room.

Ten lovely pieces of interlock fabric waiting to be made into 10 different polo shirts in the next 2.5 months.  If you know of a great polo shirt pattern for girls size 12-14, let me know—Bug will thank you.  Jr.’s are being crafted from an old Stretch n’ Sew on loan from my mom.

Wish me luck—on August 30 I’m planning to be positively giddy!


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