his day


He much prefers working with metal.  All of his Father’s Day was spent working with wood,

IMG_9330 the one needing some father-daughter one-on-one attention working at his side. 

IMG_9336His day continued, the plan coming together, until, at last, success:

IMG_9337  a sandbox—my vision brought to life thanks to Cowboy and Bug.


IMG_9359 The littlest people jumped right in for a test run.

 IMG_9308 No break for lunch, but one more trip to fill the box to completion; he stopped to write “I will love you forever” in the sand.

IMG_9398 His day ended with a much-deserved rest on the front porch, watching our three children enjoy the fruit of his labors while he snapped pictures for a certain someone’s blog. 

His day went much like most others:–giving of himself, working tirelessly, brushing off attempts to pamper him, until the day became Our Day, not his. 

Cowboy, we are blessed beyond measure by your presence in our lives—thank you for being the best father, husband, and friend we could ask for!


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