these boots are made for stompin’

Remember when Spud wouldn’t wear the boots I got for him and I wrote a really cheesy poem about it?  They’re now his outdoor footwear of choice (and I’ll spare you a second poem)!

IMG_8358  . . . just moments after putting the boots on of his own free will!  (I think he looks a bit like a wee Santa).

IMG_8379 The first outdoor expedition, later that day, pre-bedtime, wherein we show Daddy our new boot-wearin’ skills, and take them for a puddle-test-drive.

IMG_8380Splat!—“Hey, that was a great sound, and even better, my feet stayed dry!”


What he taught me: Tall black shoes can be scary to a little person.  Keep offering the choice, but don’t force.  He’s a sensitive soul who has his own sense of timing; when he was ready, he wore the boots.  And, I’m so glad we let this whole experience play out at the rhythm of his choosing.  Hopefully I’ll remember this the 3,487 other times he decides to be exasperating during his childhood.


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