The Kitchen Needed a Rug

A clean kitchen deserves a new rug, don’t you think?  Definitely.

IMG_7604So, I pulled out my 5” squares from Moda’s Peas and Carrots line (I was able to find some on Etsy & ebay),

IMG_7609 whacked up some more 5-inch squares from my sheets-turned-napkins and other scraps,

IMG_7611and then I devised my plan.  When I liked what I saw, I snapped a photo for future reference (you know,  just in case I got interrupted or something and couldn’t remember how things were supposed to go.)  I got the genius photo idea from Lucy over at Attic 24 who used it recently to keep track of her pattern when she was putting together a crocheted baby blanket.  Now why didn’t I think of that?

IMG_7776I patchworked the squares together—5 rows of 7 squares each—(next time I would probably go to at least 8 squares wide)

IMG_7777added some self-made bias tape around the edge, and backed it with an upcycled bath towel (forgot to take a picture of that).

IMG_7778I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with this whole idea until I remembered that, at least on some level, I was influenced by the bathmat in Amanda Soule’s, Handmade Home [ link]. 

I’m loving the cheery results on my kitchen floor!


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