It all began with this picture:

mbf 2He looked at Jacob and Joseph “twirling & whirling” thread for the coat of many colors.  His pudgy pointer finger touched the basket full of yarn and he looked at me and grunted.  The second time around I incredulously got it.

“You want me to say the colors?”


And so, I did.  And have continued to say colors for the past two months  (shortly after that he started pointing at letters and numbers, as well).  I never knew so many opportunities for saying colors  existed:

IMG_7593 (afghan crocheted by Cowboy’s grandma)

IMG_7595 (if you’ve never seen Rush Hour [Amazon link], check this game out—it’s challenging, addictive, and fun, and great for kids and adults, alike.)

IMG_7598 Like I said, the possibilities are endless.  And so, he points, and we say the colors, and we say the colors, and we say the colors.

IMG_7590 This little trinket arrived in his Easter basket for times when there just might not be ANY color around!  Frugal Mama just couldn’t resist picking up a few paint chips (cardstock would also have worked, but I love paint chips and they were, you know, free!), punching some holes, and inserting a ring in the corner.

Let me just assure you: THESE ARE NOT FLASHCARDS!  This is not a horror story of a 16-month-old being drilled on his colors so he’ll be ready for pre-preschool, or whatever they call it now.  These (or any of the other things he points to) are only used when Spud initiates it.

It’s things like this that make me so glad I’m at home with him right now.  Would a daycare provider have picked up on the fact that he wanted to know the colors?  It further cements in my mind the value of interest-led learning.

That, and it’s pretty cute to hear him say, “Reh” and “Bwoo”—even when he’s wrong (: 


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