Sew-In Part 2—Tablecloths and Napkins

Being “green” and having a 16-month-old don’t always go hand in hand.  Prior to Sew-In 2010 the number of placemats and cloth napkins needing washing seemed to increase exponentially each day.  This was due in large part to Spud’s new-found eating independence.  And while I love placemats, I hate seeing money washed down the drain in the form of unnecessary loads of laundry.

Enter oilcloth and vintage sheets.

IMG_7282 Our first and only visit to the fabric store during Sew-In 2010 netted, among other things, two pieces of oilcloth cut to fit our dining room table—no sewing required.

IMG_7288 When paired with the three new sets of cloth napkins my mom serged for me out of my thrifted vintage sheets, the effect is quite cheery.

IMG_7291 Thanks, Mom!

IMG_7292 Best of all, two of the napkin sets go with both oilcloth tablecloths—more looks for my money . . . and,

IMG_7294 the oilcloth is definitely easier to keep clean than placemats!

Tomorrow: Sew-In Part 3–PJs for Spud


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