Sew-In Part I

In the days before marriage and kids, my mom, aunt, and I would gather for a 1-week event known as a “Sew-In”.  During that week we would sew like crazy, do a little shopping, and maybe throw in a little knitting or embroidery in the evening hours.

A couple of weeks ago, we met for our first attempt at our first true “Sew-In” in several years, this time with the added challenge of a 16-month-old on hand.  And while, having Spud on hand certainly made things more difficult, we managed to complete several tasks in the three days we had together.

The first project: 3 Weekend Away Travel Bags, from Weekend Sewing.

IMG_7482 From left to right: Bug’s bag, Jr.’s, and Spud’s.  For Bug’s and Jr.’s bags, I used decorator weight fabric, which made them stiffer better bags.  Bug’s was made from fabric I had on hand from making her Tonka pillow.  Jr.’s is a ripstop-like twill, and Spud’s fabric is from the Wheels collection by My Mind’s Eye for Riley Blake collection (won in a giveaway here).


The pattern wasn’t difficult to follow.  Jr.’s bag turned out the best.  Bug’s was the only one with pockets—they turned out way too small and different from the photo in my opinion, so I just left them out of the boys’ bags.


IMG_7487Each bag, filled with travel “necessities”, made its debut in the Easter baskets on Sunday.

Tomorrow’s Sew-In Project: Tablecloths and Napkins.


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