One Small Change March & Plans for April

According to the energy audit Bug completed as a school assignment in February, our house uses 13,463 kilowatt-hours of energy per year, or 47% more than the national average. 

This surprised me because I thought we did many things to conserve our energy use—apparently not!

IMG_7344 During March I worked my way through as many of the 44 suggestions/improvements given at the end of the energy audit as possible.  This included:

  • being sure to use the correct size of pot and burner, as well as using lids to conserve heat whenever possible.
  • dusting lightbulbs
  • investing in new stove burner pans (and resolving to keep them cleaned regularly)
  • installing 2 programmable thermostats (we have wall heaters in every room and already had programmable thermostat in the main living area), then setting and resetting all three to the lowest temperatures possible for varying parts of the day.

I was disappointed to see that our kwh usage actually increased between February and March.  However, I have to admit that many of the above changes didn’t happen until the second half of the month (most importantly, the thermostats), so I’m hoping for better kwh readings next month.

For April, I’m going to continue working on the list of suggestions from the energy audit, as well as switch over to as many natural/homemade cleaners and bath/beauty products as possible.


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