These Hands


These hands . . .

    • tickle toes, big and little.
    • have rocked three babies to sleep at night.
    • fix everything I break.
    • hold mine every time we drive down the road or go for a walk.
    • built me a garden brick by brick.
    • change my oil and windshield wipers, and check my tires.

IMG_6811 These hands . . .

    • love making special breakfasts.
    • turn pages while reading stories.
    • cook, clean, and launder whenever I need help.
    • figure out the best solutions to problems.
    • till my garden beds every spring.
    • keep us safe.
    • get burned and cut from time to time while earning our keep.

IMG_3033 These hands . . .

    • shoot baskets in the sunshine.
    • dug a grave for our beloved pet.
    • clean out the gutters.
    • lift 50 lb. bags of flour.
    • provide comfort and confidence.
    • support all of my crazy ideas.
    • give much more than they take.

These hands . . .

    • and the man they belong to turn 41 today.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Cowboy.  I love you!


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