She adds color

Bug turned 11 this past weekend.  As I watched her open her gifts, I was struck by how well her presents and “party” capture who she is as a person, here and now, at this age:

IMG_7103 Reading is still very much a struggle for her, but there is definite improvement . . . while she prefers the excitement and action of playing a video game, she’s working hard on becoming a better reader; aided, in part, perhaps, by her love of audiobooks which she listens to over and over again.

IMG_7107Like all the other kiddos in this family, she’s growing up way too fast.  Not a full-on “girly-girl”, but just enough of one to enjoy those girly things like new scents, foofies (is there such a word?), and little trinkets and candles.  A boy gave her a box of candy on Valentine’s Day this year—be still my heart!

IMG_7105 Creativity oozes from Bug’s pores.  She concocts stories and projects of all kinds.  As is often typical of this age (I think), she flits from one artistic endeavor to another—this year she’s tried crocheting, beading, sewing, painting, and puzzles, to name a few.  The painting above was a kit we gave her from Michael’s—she finished it that same night.

IMG_7072 She’s always enjoyed tiny things, and fixates on an idea once it’s in her head.  With true Bug flair, she forges ahead off the beaten path.  The maraschino mice above are a classic example of all of those things rolled into one– after seeing them at a tea birthday party this summer, she recreated them herself for her birthday dessert.

IMG_7110 The girl’s got a fashion sense all her own, and she’s not afraid to offer up her opinion about that or anything else.  And for all the dramatic performances, outlandish tales, and pizzazz that she brings when she walks in the room, her deepest desire is to be loved for who she is and to return that love in the Bug-ish ways that only she can.

IMG_7091 Happy Birthday, Bug.  We love you and the color, zest, and energy you bring to our lives!

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