Homemade Noodles

I’ve been wanting to make homemade noodles for awhile now.  In fact, they’ve been on the meal calendar several times, but for one reason or another something else gets substituted in their place at the last minute.  Honestly, the main reason is I’ve been intimidated by the idea of actually making my own noodles.  But after reading SouleMama’s post last month about noodles and reading all of the comments that followed, I was determined to give it a try.

And, so, tonight was the night.  I chose this recipe from The Pioneer Woman’s website for my first go-round.

Let me just say that if I actually had the entire recipe/directions, this probably would have turned out way better.  But, apparently when I first printed the recipe off months ago, I didn’t save all of it; this would have been helpful, because apparently things like salted water and enough kneading are VERY important.  All the deficiencies in this meal were completely because of operator (me) error.

Ready to roll (NOW I know this needed way more kneading) :


Cutting the first noodles (should have been way thinner):


Awaiting the boiling water (this reminded me of worms):


On the dinner plate:


Even though these were too thick and chewy, I’m hooked on noodle-making—they will definitely be part of the menu plan for April.  Making the noodles was quick, easy, and fun.  And, according to one comment I saw after the original SouleMama post, you can even pre-make the dough, freeze it, and then pull it out the day you’re going to use it. 

Much thanks to the family for being good sports! 


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