Girls’ Day Out


Sometimes a girl just needs to get away—with her mom.  So, Bug and I drove down the coast a ways this weekend.


There was eating (french fries, salad, hot dogs, ranch), talking, laughing (right there, in that picture above, she didn’t know it, but she was resting her arm in a seagull present, so she could get a shot of said seagull), picture-taking,  and, of course, shopping. 

And, with shopping comes purchasing—mainly necessities, but some fun stuff, too.

IMG_6833 When you’re almost 11 and you discover the wonders of a JoAnn’s 40%-off coupon, you purchase beads for making snake and salamander keychains

IMG_6834 and yarn for weaving pictures and words in plastic.


IMG_6840When you’re almost 34 and you’re wise in the ways of the JoAnn’s McCall’s pattern sale ($2 a pop), or, even better, the Simplicity pattern sale (10 for $10), you add to your stash of projects you hope to make in your “spare time” for the littles and the not-so-little-anymore.

IMG_6836And, you share the sage advice that when each person needs a 40% off coupon, but you only have one, you can almost always get one from the flyer at the front of the store, so that you can purchase the knitting needles for all of the projects you have favorited on Ravelry to knit in your “leisure time”.

Then you hop in the car and head home, tired, but happy, and count 600+ cars so that you don’t fall asleep (the passenger, not the driver). 

Good times.


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