One Small Change February (and on to March)


Our experience in February began with with this deer track, found near our creek. 

Spud and I go on a walk every day, but it was my focus this month to encourage him to experience nature more personally and to begin to develop a lifelong love of nature. 

IMG_6558Every morning as I pushed the stroller I looked for new things to point out to him.  However, as much as possible, I tried to let him take the lead in what we noticed and examine.  It has been amazing to watch his attention and awareness grow throughout the month.

IMG_6713 (Above: robins Spud spotted all by himself)

Spud experienced nature each and every day of February.  Except for three days when he had a bad cold and one day of too-strong winds and rain, we always included a long walk and visit to the creek.  On days when a walk was out of the question, we wandered around the yard, planted seeds,  filled the bird feeder, and made a nature shelf.IMG_6723

Only a few days into February, we began a tradition of picking up rocks at the end of our walks and visiting the creek to toss them in.  Within this one month, our daily routine has now expanded to include checking on the newly filled bird feeder and seeing what flowers have blossomed.  And believe me, Spud lets me hear it if we don’t stick to the plan.  He’s invested in getting his daily dose of nature (and more, if he can convince me). 

When it’s time to go back inside the house each day, he throws a fit.  And, to me, that’s a sign that this month’s challenge was a success. 

For my part, I’m carrying the following lessons with me:

IMG_6700Reaffirmation– in the value of sharing nature with children, regardless of their age; of its ability to calm them, teach them respect for life, and connect with their Creator.

IMG_6350 Resolution—to follow my instincts; to continue this tradition without fail; to persist in our parenting choices of  no TV/screen time for Spud.

IMG_6701 Realization—that my baby’s growing up.

Click here to see a collection of some of my favorite images from February’s challenge.


Bug had a recent homework assignment in which she completed an energy audit of our home.  In March, I’ll use the suggestions generated by that audit to attempt to improve our household’s overall energy usage.

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