Maine Morning Mitts—Pair 1

My first foray into knitting in a long time is complete!  (Dishcloths don’t count).  The last major knitting project I finished was a too-small sweater, which dampened my knitting enthusiasm for awhile.  Add to that a few things like getting married and having a baby all in the space of 16 months or so, and well . . . you get the picture.


Last summer, when Cowboy purchased a skein of Baby Alpaca Grande Hand-dyed for me at Foothills Yarn & Fiber, I originally planned to make myself an earflap hat. 

When I sat down to start knitting, I quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.  Having not knitted in quite awhile, I found the hat pattern I had chosen too intimidating, and, after some detailed searching on Ravelry I found Maine Morning Mitts by Clara Parkes.


SoonI was off on my first knitting adventure involving double-pointed needles.  The whole experience was much better than anticipated.


Mitt Number One came off the needles relatively unscathed except for some minor stitch pattern issues.  I ripped out and started over 4 times on that first mitt.

I figured Mitt Number Two would be a cinch; and it was until . . . I mis-measured, bound off too early, and ended up M#2 being about an inch shorter than M#1.  Of course I cut the yarn before I realized my mistake.  And I did measure it before I bound off.  Chalk it up to operator error. 


Not knowing how to fix something like this, and avoiding ripping the entire thing out and starting over, I picked up the bound off stitches, lengthened M#2 and bound off again.  That mitt has a tight area where the original bind-off was—a guilty reminder for   perfectionist-me every time I wear them, that I didn’t  rip out and start over.  Other than that, the mitts are comfortable and just what I wanted.  Now I don’t have to take off gloves every time I want to take a picture outside!

IMG_6676 I will definitely knit this pair of mitts again (hopefully without the mistakes) . . . that is after I finish this and this for Spud.  And how will I ever choose between this, and this, and this for my new niece arriving in June?  There just is not enough time in the day!

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