We have seen the enemy . . .

IMG_6504 and he is slimy.

After their crushing defeat in Slugfest ‘09, The Slugs have launched a carefully calculated attack on ThimbleNest Gardens. 

Sentries reported seeing Slug Spies in the area as early as the middle of January, but no alarms were sounded as it seemed too soon to panic.

5-star general, Stanley Slug banked on General ThimbleNest’s naïveté and general reluctance to harm any living creature (even slugs) to carry his devious plan to fruition.

On the morning of February 1, three slug privates, selected for their small size and mental prowess,  followed orders to stow away on containers carried into ThimbleNest HQ for seedling starts for the Garden of 2010. 

Having eaten extra stores of tender leafy greens in the days prior, they squirreled themselves away in the deep recesses of the aforementioned containers until the predawn hours of February 13, when they launched their first attack on the Oak Leaf Lettuce seedlings.

IMG_6611General ThimbleNest immediately noticed that something was amiss, but could find no sign of the culprits.  However, the manner in which the seedlings were decapitated was reminiscent of The Great Lettuce Debacle of ‘07 in which three separate crops of lettuce were planted and summarily decimated by the forerunners of General Slug.  Not a single leaf of lettuce made it to The Great Salad Bowl that year.

With a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, General ThimbleNest, began conducting frequent perimeter checks, and on the morning of February 16, Slow Slug couldn’t resist one last bite of tomato seedling, ultimately betraying himself and his comrades as he rested on the edge of a seedling pot. 

Below: The tomato formerly known as Legend.  Note one of the lucky survivors in the background.


General ThimbleNest threw the invaders out the nearest door to live to fight another day (see comment above regarding harming living creatures).

As we speak, ThimbleNest troops are emptying the ammunition depots of eggshells and salt, and moving the Water Barrels of Death into position, while shouting the rallying cry, “Remember the Lettuce of ‘07!”   (I can only remain non-violent for so long.)  Troops remain on high alert.

This just in . . .

Is it just me, or could Spud be a double agent?  (Reconnaissance photos may be blurry.)



Have a wonderful slug-free weekend!


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