Let Me See . . . a little color

A toddler refusing to nap for two days straight and waking up at night makes for one tired mama. 

Gray, rainy weather four days straight makes for one down-in-the-dumps mama.

One tired, down-in-the-dumps  mama makes for not many blog posts.

Today, Spud is taking a nap for the second day in a row and he slept through the night last night.   Today the sun has been shining off and on the the blue sky is calling me outside.  All of this makes for a chipper, ready-to-move-forward-again mama. 

Doesn’t a little color make things better?

Enter Let Me See, written by Mary L. Hilt, and illustrated by Judy Stang.  Published in 1963, by Whitman, these images have been providing me with color all week.  I’m sharing a few here today; pardon the poor photo cropping—I’m not on computer with anything that will help me out right now.  If you’re fighting the winter doldrums, be sure to check out SouleMama’s revisiting of her 2009 Winter Manifesto and accompanying free desktop download.

Here are some of my favorite pix from the book:

let me see 1

let me see 5

let me see 6

let me see 10

let me see 11

let me see 15

(I love maps on the endpapers of books—it just adds to the adventure!)

Happy Weekend

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