And so it begins . . .

IMG_6081 Every year I have grand plans for our garden, and every year those plans are not fully met.  We’ve made great strides over the past two years of in-earnest gardening, but last year it really irked me that I still couldn’t manage to get everything planted on time.

After starting some tomatoes and eggplants with great potential from seed, it was all for naught, because I started them too late, and just before we might have been able to harvest a few tomatoes, Blight got them.


This being my year of setting large and small goals, I determined to start my seeds by February 1st.  And, quite miraculously, I was successful—as of yesterday all of my vegetables to be started indoors are sitting quietly in their little pots, waiting to spring to life the way only a seed can.

Gardening near the Oregon coast presents many challenges, and coupled with a garden spot with limited sunlight, the whole thing can be downright frustrating. 


I’ve decided to treat my garden this year as if we have the shortest of growing seasons, choosing seeds and varieties accordingly. Thus, starting most of the plants indoors is an absolute necessity.

Last year I started my seeds by setting them in front of our sliding glass door on top of a cooler.  This year, seed starting headquarters graduated to a grander space with the purchase of a “greenhouse”, giving me more space and security for the plants.  I’ll be putting two plant lights in which will hopefully give the little starts a boost, especially on gray days.

Vegetables finished—now on to herbs and flowers!


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