PW Twice-Baked Potatoes—kind of


(Writing this post inspired me to change my husband’s blog nickname from “Husband” to “Cowboy”.  I just used “Husband” when I started writing because I couldn’t think of anything better.  But deep down I always wanted to give him a cool, rugged nickname like “Marlboro Man”, but that was already taken.  (:   Ironically, when the thought for “Cowboy” popped in my head, I realized, that is what I call him from time to time.  These things just take time.


I gave the Pioneer Woman’s Twice-Baked Potatoes a whirl the other night.  Going in, I knew it would probably try my patience.  The whole baking, then scooping, then mixing and refilling makes me tap my fingers.  In the end, it really wasn’t that bad.

Before I could get started I just had to do something about the nutritional value, though.  I just couldn’t bring myself to put in the amounts of cheese, butter, and sour cream the recipe calls for.  I mean, Cowboy isn’t a real cowboy, and although his job definitely involves physical labor, I didn’t want to be responsible for clogging up his arteries.

After consulting some other twice-baked potato recipes (particularly the one in this book), I hit upon a happy medium, and we were off to the races.  After omitting the cheese, green onions, and bacon, from the original recipe, I added a few herbs/spices (dill, paprika, black pepper).

When PW suggests using baking potatoes, you really should, because russets just don’t have the size or skin to withstand all the scooping and re-stuffing:

IMG_6020IMG_6022(My pitiful russets patiently awaiting their re-stuffing)

After mashing everything all together (boy did I miss Cowboy’s arm—he usually does the mashing around here), I re-stuffed those little brown jackets, and they turned out pretty well.

IMG_6026 IMG_6023 I made a double batch, because according to PW, these freeze really well, and I’m all about making a double batch and freezing for later.

IMG_6028 Cowboy gave the final product two thumbs up.  And I can’t wait for next time, ‘cause I going to sneak in tofu sour cream instead of the real thing and see if anybody notices.


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