One Small Change–February

In January my goal was to start remembering to use my reusable grocery bags.  Final count: 10 out of 13 trips to the store, I remembered to carry my bags with me!  Several of you gave me ideas for helping me to remember—thank you! 


What seems to be working for me is to keep my bags in or on top of the stroller (which I usually use in place of  a shopping cart).  However, once I did roll right through the checkout with the bags still in the bottom of the stroller (thus the 10 out of 13, instead of 11  ):  )

So, now that I have this first change under my belt, it’s on to February.

Before I heard of the One Small Change project, something was weighing on my mind—how, during the long, rainy winter of the Pacific Northwest, to keep my kids engaged with nature. 

Developing an appreciation and love for nature as a child is key to helping them become citizens who will protect the environment as adults. 

My success for this month will be more difficult to measure.  My plan right now is to take Spud outside each day of February, rain or not, and allow him to explore as much as his 14-month legs will allow.  We’ll bring objects back to the house and maybe create a nature people.  I’ll be looking for signs of spring each day, but I’m particularly interested in observing what things in nature he is drawn to on his own.  We’ll share our findings each day with the rest of the family, and hopefully include everyone in our search on the weekends.

I saw some great ideas for this kind of change during January on other blogs, so if you have wisdom or ideas to share, please speak up!


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