Shower Curtain on the Cheap

When a recent search for a new shower curtain for the main bathroom proved fruitless, improvisation was called for.  The old “world map” curtain had seen better days, and since we couldn’t find another, we decided to avoid the whole PVC, phthalate, plastic issue, and try for fabric.  (I read somewhere recently, that a new plastic shower curtain emits 200+ chemicals, odors, etc.—not really interested in exposing my kids to that!)

Who knew a fabric shower curtain would cost $20-$40?We liked several of the fabric curtains we saw,  but our budget didn’t.  In the end we turned to the wide selection of sheets that Target had on sale and bought a king size set.  After whacking some width and length off the flat sheet, sewing two new hems, and pounding in ten grommets, we were good to go in less than two hours or so.

The result: (pardon the terrible bathroom lighting)



And best of all?  For $22.48 (sheet set + a few extra grommets), we have a spiffy new shower curtain AND tons of extra fabric (2 pillowcases, fitted sheet, and scraps from flat sheet) that can be made into cloth napkins, placemats, chair cushions, bag linings, etc.  Oh, the possibilities!


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