Soft Books (WIP #3)

IMG_5810 I sewed two soft books for Spud—one for Christmas, and the other for his birthday in November.

IMG_5819 The birthday soft book is modeled after Amanda’s in The Creative Family, and contains stories about important events that happened during Spud’s first year of life, as well as some of his “favorites” and things he learned.

IMG_5811 For Christmas, I made a “Family Book” filled with pictures of immediate and extended family members and their names—he loves it!

IMG_5817 This was the first time I used printable fabric sheets, so I tried out several brands and types in both books.   And, as is typical, the last one I used was the best.  Sew-In Colorfast, by June Tailor, Inc. (white fabric, washable—in the hot pink envelope) held the printer ink well and did not fray or ravel when I peeled the backing off, unlike so many of the others I tried.   I cannot believe how much better the pages with this product look, compared to others in the book.  I’ll definitely go to this printer fabric, the next time I have need of it.

IMG_5812  (Fabric: All Star by Riley Blake Designs in the red/blue colorway—purchased from The Long Thread.)


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