‘tis the Season . . .


IMG_5746to look at seed catalogs . . . to dream and hope of what might be; to remember that spring is just around the corner.

. . . to read about all the tips and tricks you want to try this year . . .

IMG_5750 to revel in all the colors and varieties of vegetables and flowers . . . .

IMG_5751 ‘tis the season . . . to get a grip, and take stock of what seeds I actually need.


This year I decided I would not allow myself to impulse buy my seeds.  So, after creating a personal “seed inventory” in Excel, I placed my seed orders.  It feels good to buy responsibly.  I was very strict on myself with the vegetables I ordered (I hardly needed any).  But I did go a little crazy on the flowers (I only had about 3 packets of flower seed).

IMG_5761I consciously tried to order seeds that would do well in our soil and growing conditions, and I hope to start saving seeds at the end of this year’s growing season.

Spring is just around the corner!


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