A Tale of Two Taffetas (WIP #2)—Part 2

Continuing on with our story from yesterday . . .

And so, only sewing remained.  I planned to finish it once and for all over Thanksgiving vacation when I would “have more time”.  For once my procrastination, lack of time, something intervened.

One fall off a bike, trip to the hospital, and diagnosed broken arm later, I realized with a start that those long-planned-for black velveteen sleeves would no longer fit over a large splint (and then later a blue cast).

My mom once again came to the rescue with the idea of cutting bias-cut cast-worthy sleeves from the leftover taffeta scraps.  Genius I tell you. 

Finally, 1 year later, the dress made it’s debut at Bug’s Christmas Concert.  (Wait ‘til I tell you what project I was furiously working on even as I sat in the audience—thus why I have no pictures from said concert with it’s wearer in it with the blue cast oh-so-easily fitted through the bias-cut, cast-worthy sleeves).

But here are the pictures I took after the fact:

IMG_5735 IMG_5736



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