A Tale of Two Taffetas (WIP #1)

And now, at long last, I’m getting back to posting about some holiday crafting, and my WIP list.

Two summers ago, while perusing the Fabric Depot outdoor sale, I happened upon this lovely taffeta for just $2 a yard.

taffeta 1a

Only days before, at another fabric store, Bug had expressed her interest in having a taffeta Christmas dress.  So, I snapped up 3 yards, fully intending to have the bargain masterpiece completed by Christmas of ‘08.

Did I mention I was 4 months pregnant with Spud at the time of said purchase? 

After some expert pattern drafting from my mom, who helped me create a long sleeve  and combine one pattern with another, I was ready to cut.   And cut I did. 

The precisely cut pieces sat on my “to-do shelf”—a lovely bias-cut skirt with coordinating black velveteen bodice just waiting to become . . .

Meanwhile, my body became larger, my energy became lower, and my motivation became nonexistent. 


Christmas of ‘08 passed, and the dress (or, rather, the pieces, thereof) continued to sit, until October of ‘09, when, in a fit of organizing and cleaning, I resolved to finish the dress while it would still fit Bug.

Like a madwoman I began sewing.  The bodice and lining came together perfectly.

Then, it was on to the skirt.  I vaguely remembered that when we cut out the skirt pieces, we were a little concerned because the dress was cut on the bias and the pattern said “not suitable for diagonals”.  But we thought we had done a fairly good job of lining up the plaids, and that the fullness of the skirt would hide any inconsistencies.  Um, yeah.

By the way, has anyone ever seen a pattern that IS suitable for diagonals?  But I digress.

After sewing  the skirt side seams together, it was apparent that something had gone terribly wrong.  One piece’s plaid was completely perpendicular to the other two. 

This resulted in a frantic online search for plaid, taffeta fabric with some blue in it; the blue being Bug’s main reason for liking the fabric in the first place.  However, the right kind of plaid taffeta fabric with blue was not to be found, and so with a click of the mouse, I purchased this fabric.

taffeta 1

After re-cutting out the skirt pieces and doing more adjustments to the original pattern (thanks, Mom), it was time to sew.  Or not.  The sewing gods were not done laughing at me yet.  Read the conclusion to “A Tale of Two Taffetas” tomorrow.  (:


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