IMG_5210 Future Christmas placemats (above)

Just a few days ago, Alicia, over at Posie Gets Cozy posted about her “Works in Progress” (WIP).  I thought if I did the same, perhaps it would:

1.  Help me a least feel organized . . . and . . .

2.  Serve as some sort of motivation

IMG_5211 Future Christmas Placemats 2 (above)

So, without further adieu, these are the projects I have already set in motion or am about to embark upon—most with the goal of being finished before Christmas:

1.  Christmas Dress for Bug

2.  New pioneer dress for Bug for school dress-up day

3.  Soft book—Spud

4.  2 sets of Christmas placemats

5.  Christmas Gift for Husband

6.  Christmas apron for Bug

7.  Crocheted wristlets/fingerless gloves for Christmas present

8.  Pair of pants for me

9.  Knitted dishcloths

10.  Knitted vegetable scratchers/scrubbers

11.  Hunter’s Star Quilt

12.  Car seat organizers for kids

13.  CD organizer for car

14.  Alphabet magnets for Spud

15.  Christmas gift for Junior

16.  Christmas gift for Bug

17.  “Merry Christmas” paper banner

IMG_5212 Future Christmas Banner (WIP #17)

Um, o.k. . . . not gonna happen, but at least I put it out there for the fun of it.

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